One Word Substitution

One word substitution is the use of one word in place of a many words in order to make the sentence structure clearer. It means, with the replacement of the phrase remains identical while the sentence becomes shorter. These are very useful for exams held in India. This is also useful for Haryana TET Exam.

Being unable to pay one’s debtInsolvent
The science of fortelling events stars.Physiology
Government by officials in a state Bureaucracy
An office without any work but high pay.Sinecure
A medicine to counteract the effect of a poisonAntidote
An admirer of artDillettante
A man having the qualities of womanEffeminate
That which cannot be movedImmobile
The study of insectsEntomology
Word for wordVerbatim
Wish to do good to othersBenevolence
Whose meaning is difficult to understandAbstruse
Way out for water or steamOutlet
Want to sleepInsomnia
Usual behaviour of a social Custom
Use of mild words in place of words required by truthEuphemism
Touch or stroke lovinglyFondle, Caress
A traditional story related to deitiesMyth
Thing to be corrected in a printed bookCorrigendum
Troops trained for being dropped by parachuteParatroops
That which is pig likePorcine
Things taken by robbersBooty
That which is lion likeLeonine
That which is fox likeVulpine
That which is dog likeCanine
That which exists separately from other peopleIndependent
That which cannot be perceived by touchIntangible
That which can be rooted outEradicable
Study of the development of plants and animals from earlier formsGeneology
Study of oceans and phenomenaOceanography
Study of fossilsPalaentology
Study desire for food wealthGreed
Study of lawNomology
Strong dislike between two personsAntipathy
Stream flowing into another big riverTributary

One Word Substitution

The system which is observed to do progress or reformReformism
Statement that is obviously truePlatitude
Stealing from the writings of othersPlagiarism
That which can be easily believedCredible
That which cannot be satisfiedInsatiable
That which cannot be put out or extinguishedInextingguishable
That which cannot be corruptedIncorruptible
To escape from hard realitiesEscapism
That which cannot be erased or removedIndelible
Temple dedicated to all the godsPantheon
That which can easily be curved without breakingFlexible
Talk that brings bed reputation to somebodyScandal
The study of population Demography
Fit for bad temper or angerTantrum
Spreading by infectionInfectious
The study of physical phenomenon of lakes Limnology
Something that is hidden Mystery
Somebody that foretelles the coming of somethingHarbinger
Soldiers on big guns mounted on wheelsArtillery
A small shop that sells fashionable clothes cometics etc.Boutique
Specialist in mental or emotional disturbancePsychiatrist
Speak in a very low tone Whisper
Shamelessly rude Impudent
Send rays of light or heat Radiate
Serious crime like murder arson Felony
So deep that the bottom cannot be reached Unfathomable
Send back a criminal into custody for further investigation Remand
Search in the dark Grope/ Fumble
Search for something Quest
Signal under material law for people to remain indoors Curfew
Search agreement for a fraudulent purpose Collusion
Showing deep sorrow for wrong doing Contrite
Sea with a group of many island Archipelago
A short signature summary of a book or speech Epitome
Secret religious meeting Conventicle

One Word Substitution

Greedy for moneyRepacious
Future generationPosterity
Free for punishmentImpunity
Fear of foreignersXenophobia
Fear of one selfAutophoby
Fear of dead bodyNecrophobia
Fear of animalsZoophobia
Fear of home surroundingsEcophobia
A short saying or poem which express an idea in a very clever and amusing way Epigram
A short journey for pleasure Excursion
A short expression of general truth Proverb, Dictum,
Maxim Adage
A short amusing story about some real person or eventAnecdote
Scornful and contemptous languageOpprobrium
Science and Technology of metalsMetallurgy
Science and art of flying in aircraftAviation
School for very young childrenKindergarten
Science of WeightMetrology
Science of timeHorology
Science of writing and compiling a dictionaryLexicography
Science of the physical structure of the bodyAnatomy
Science of the races of mankind and their relation to one anotherEthnology
Science of the habits of living things in relation to their environmentEcology
Science of health livingHygiene
Science of the causes of diseaseEtiology, Aetiology
Science of Mechanical and Indstrial ArtsTechnology
Science of human beautyKalology
Science of fixing datesChronology
Science of InscriptionsEpigraphy
Study of coinsNumismatics
Science of bloodHaematology
Science of crimes and criminalsCriminology
Science of BirdsOrnithology
Science of ClimateClimatology
Science of dealing with the proper use of termsTerminology
Science dealing with heredityGenetics

One Word Substitution in English

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