Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speakers

Here we are discussing All the Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speakers till now. Smt Shanno Devi was the First Speaker of Legislative Assembly of Haryana. She was also the First Lady Speaker of Legislative Assembly of a State in India.

The Constitution of India provides that after every General Election, The Legislative Assembly of the State at its very first session shall elect a Speaker and a Deputy Speaker, among its members. Speakers belongs to the Ruling Party. Speaker acts as the umpire between the Ruling and Opposition Party.

Sr No.Name of SpeakerFromTo
1Smt Shanno Devi06-12-196617-03-1967
2Rao Birender Singh17-03-196723-03-1967
3Ch. Sri Chand30-03-196719-07-1967
4Brig. Ran Singh15-07-196803-04-1972
5Sh. Banarsi Dass Gupta03-04-197215-11-1973
6Ch. Sarup Singh16-11-197304-07-1977
7Brig. Ran Singh04-07-197708-05-1978
8Col. Ram Singh15-05-197824-06-1982
9Sardar Tara Singh24-06-198209-07-1987
10Sh. Harmohinder Singh Chatha 09-07-198709-07-1991
11Sh. Ishwar Singh09-07-199122-05-1996
12Sh. Chhattar Singh Chauhan22-05-199627-07-1999
13Sh. Ashok Kumar28-07-199901-03-2000
14Ch. Satbir Singh Kadian09-03-200021-05-2005
15Sh. Harmohinder Singh Chatha21-05-200512-01-2006
16Dr. Raghuvir Singh Kadian13-01-200627-10-2009
17Sh. Harmohinder Singh Chatha28-10-200928-01-2011
18Sh. Kuldeep Sharma04-03-201102-11-2014
19Sh. Kanwar Pal03-11-201402-11-2019
20Sh. Gian Chand Gupta04-11-2019(Present)

Deputy Speakers works as Speaker in Haryana

When any Speaker resigns or expire, The Deputy Speaker will performs the duties of a Speaker till the appointment of New Speaker under Article 180(1) of the Constitution of India. In Haryana, 3 times Deputy Speaker works as Speaker that are discussed below:-

  • On expiry of Speaker, Chaudhry Sri Chand, Shri Manphool Singh, Deputy Speaker performed the duties of the Speaker from 20-7-1967 to 21-11-1967.
  • On the resignation of Shri Chhattar Singh Chauhan on 27-7-1999. Shri Faqir Chand, Deputy Speaker performed the duties as Acting Speaker from 27-7-1999 (A.N.) to 28-7-1999 (A.N.) till Shri Ashok Kumar was elected as Speaker.
  • On the resignation of Shri Harmohinder Singh Chattha on 28.1.2011 (A.N.). Shri Akram Khan, Deputy Speaker performed the dutiesas acting Speaker from 28.1.2011 to 04.03.2001 (F.N.) till Shri Kuldeep Sharma was elected as Speaker.

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